SOI Program

What is SOI?

Structure of Intellect (SOI) is a system of assessments and training materials that develop intellectual abilities. We equip students with the necessary intellectual skills to learn subject matter, do analytical thinking, become more creative, and learning how to learn.

 If a student is having difficulty learning, the cause could be a lack of learning/intellectual abilities. SOI has developed diagnostic tests and programs to meet the thinking, reasoning, and intellectual needs for these students.

 Those who have used SOI tests and training materials have reported higher achievement, successful school and experiences, and improved self-concepts.


Beyond grades, our children need to-

  • process information quickly
  • form connections between ideas
  • be observant and careful to details
  • be focused in what they do
  • think and reason critically
  • find solutions to their problems

Beyond grades, our children need to-

Build strong Cognitive Skills to help them have the confidence and capability to handle the challenges in a world that is fast-evolving and unpredictable

What are Cognitive skills-

Cognitive skills are fundamental brain-skills that help us receive, process, make sense of and apply knowledge and information.

Enable us to be more effective and efficient in using our brains

This Cognitive Skill can be trained and enhanced through our SOI program!!

Who can take this program?

Any U.Kg child to a graduate student can take up this course to enhance their learning & intellectual abilities..


Any student facing challenge in the following aspect of learning:

  • Unable to score above average in every subject
  • Academically an average or a weak performer
  • Unorganised
  • Creative writing not so easy
  • Writing difficulty
  • Difficulty in solving mathematical word problems
  • Difficulty in solving logically, simplification, algebra, mathematic/arithmetic sums
  • Problem with retention of information learnt
  • Low sitting tolerance
  • Reading difficulty
  • Short term focus or concentration in a subject
  • Poor performance in exams inspite of strong pre-preparation
  • Comprehension difficulty
  • Difficulty in processing information when given in different format


Duration of SOI Course:

With just a short course of 100 hrs your child can exceed in performance. The ability learnt through our SOI program is not just temporary but permanent, since the child will be able to perform well in every academics & practical area of life.


The SOI process is simple:

  1. Assessment: The SOI test will identify the student’s learning abilities. Tests are appropriate for ages five through adult.
  2. Diagnosis: An analysis is generated based on the student’s test scores. It profiles the following areas: cognition, evaluation, memory, creativity, and problem-solving.
  3. Treatment: Personalized training materials in the form of paper-pencil and/or computer are available based on the student’s test results. Low abilities are targeted at the beginning of the program. Average to high abilities are further strengthened.

Benefits of SOI

  • Faster Thinking and Improves Memory Functions
  • Better Self Confidence
  • Advances Numerical Abilities
  • Enhances Logical Reasoning
  • Improves Visualization methods
  • Career Counselling with Skill Grading
  • Increases Academic Performance