What’s in it for your child with us:

1. 5 star Intellectual development based on core skills & abilities:
a) Creative Thinking    b) Cognitive Skills   c) Critical Thinking  d) Logical thinking
e) Verbal-Linguistic
2. Various teaching strategy adapted to suit the unique learning style of your child.
3. Need based development program & Activities like:

a)      Structure of Intellect program (SOI program)
b)      Activity class- Learn Phonics, Numbers, Conversation, Social skills with activity
c)      Child assessment & Evaluation
d)      Child & Parent Counselling
e)      Therapy – Occupation, Behaviour, Speech & Physio
f)      Remedial / Intervention program

Miracle Kids – Bangalore

Bangalore branch started in April 2016. Our Summer Camp also kick started since May2016. It started with a remedial class for a special child, followed by 30 days Spoken English class and Activity class of 3 weeks for children of age group 3.5yrs with Dance and Conversation building.

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